Divorce + Remarriage = Adultery / Sexual Immorality

A few weeks ago I wrote a post where I quoted Matthew 5:27-32 and Matthew 19:3-9. Recently I heard someone mention that they had been told by someone that 'Jesus' words were meant for His culture and/or context' or some such idea - basically amounting to "we don't have to take Christ's commands about divorce… Continue reading Divorce + Remarriage = Adultery / Sexual Immorality


Food-for-Thought & Terribly Accurate Satire

http://www.piratechristian.com/messedupchurch/2017/6/when-did-the-church-turn-into-amway http://babylonbee.com/news/bee-explains-prosperity-gospel/


“War Room” & Satan

PART TWO Keeping along the lines of the Name of Jesus and the proper ways to address and relate to God, I'll now address the many "prayers," if you will, that were addressed to Satan in War Room. ...Yes, I did just say that prayers were offered to Satan in War Room - in fact,… Continue reading “War Room” & Satan