A Command to Love Yourself?, heresy

Stop Thinking About You!

Yet again I hear of another book which aims to pervert and twist the meaning of a Biblical text so that it will line up with their American ideals. Granted, this particular pastor had a slightly better emphasis and view of God than Joyce Meyer or others of the Word of Faith ilk - but… Continue reading Stop Thinking About You!


“Are You Excited?”

I hate that question. When you have a baby on the way people inevitably ask it, and if you don't respond with great enthusiasm they assume something's wrong with you or that you don't want the baby or that your "nervous" or what have you... I am so sick of this culture's need for everything… Continue reading “Are You Excited?”

Fighting Heresy, heresy

Believer’s authority – Part 2

A critical examination of the doctrine of "the believer's authority" as taught by Kenneth Hagin in his book of the same title.


Food-for-Thought & Terribly Accurate Satire

http://www.piratechristian.com/messedupchurch/2017/6/when-did-the-church-turn-into-amway http://babylonbee.com/news/bee-explains-prosperity-gospel/