9 Keys to Listening Vs 8 Ways to Miscommunicate

In nearly three decades of watching and experiencing the mess that is human relations and/or communication, I have come to some strong conclusions. Some of those conclusions can be expressed simply by "9 Keys to Listening" in a positive spectrum - and in "8 Ways to Miscommunicate" in a satirical kind of negative spectrum. First… Continue reading 9 Keys to Listening Vs 8 Ways to Miscommunicate


Some Thoughts on Inter-religious Dialogue

Of late I have been following a controversy recently created and stirred up by professing Christians among the "right" in U.S. politics. This controversy primarily surrounds one event (taking place over the course of two evenings) started and participated in by Dr. James White - specifically a dialogue that Dr. White had with a Muslim… Continue reading Some Thoughts on Inter-religious Dialogue


Life Altering Books

I thank God for books, and try to read as many as I can. It is partly through books (extra-biblical and Biblical) that He saved me. My wife suggested that for my next post I list and talk about some of the more influential/helpful books that I have read... And that is pretty much what… Continue reading Life Altering Books