9 Keys to Listening Vs 8 Ways to Miscommunicate

In nearly three decades of watching and experiencing the mess that is human relations and/or communication, I have come to some strong conclusions. Some of those conclusions can be expressed simply by "9 Keys to Listening" in a positive spectrum - and in "8 Ways to Miscommunicate" in a satirical kind of negative spectrum. First… Continue reading 9 Keys to Listening Vs 8 Ways to Miscommunicate

A Command to Love Yourself?

A Command to Love Yourself?

"You can't love others well until you love yourself." I've heard the phrase (or at least something like it) used as a starting point for a self-help message by a "preacher" on tv and seen it plastered on pictures online... The tv personality (and most of the professing Christians that I have heard/seen use the… Continue reading A Command to Love Yourself?