A Command to Love Yourself?, heresy

Stop Thinking About You!

Yet again I hear of another book which aims to pervert and twist the meaning of a Biblical text so that it will line up with their American ideals. Granted, this particular pastor had a slightly better emphasis and view of God than Joyce Meyer or others of the Word of Faith ilk - but… Continue reading Stop Thinking About You!

A Command to Love Yourself?

Self-Esteem . . . Or God-Esteem?

I once heard a preacher make a great statement that is quite relevant to the last two posts I've put up - and his statement actually gave me the title for this post... But I'm getting ahead of myself. I've probably been thinking about this way more than is even helpful, but I couldn't shake… Continue reading Self-Esteem . . . Or God-Esteem?

A Command to Love Yourself?

The Implications of Believing There’s a Command to Love Yourself

So I recently put "a command to love yourself" into a search engine to see what I'd get... I'm not sure why, but I was kinda surprised at the litany of stuff actually arguing for the idea. However, I shouldn't have been surprised, because the American Dream has always - in one way or another… Continue reading The Implications of Believing There’s a Command to Love Yourself

A Command to Love Yourself?

A Command to Love Yourself?

"You can't love others well until you love yourself." I've heard the phrase (or at least something like it) used as a starting point for a self-help message by a "preacher" on tv and seen it plastered on pictures online... The tv personality (and most of the professing Christians that I have heard/seen use the… Continue reading A Command to Love Yourself?