This is my blog’s “about” page (this is me stating the obvious), and this is where you will find stuff about me when I figure out what to put on it… But right now I foresee this blog growing very slowly; as I am a follower/disciple of Christ that needs a lot more sanctification, a husband of a wonderful wife that I need to learn to love and serve better, a father of two daughters that I also need to love and serve better…

8/27/2016 – (This is me adding something about myself) I was raised in a self-professed (though I didn’t know it til I reached my early twenties) “Pentecostal” household – which was actually more aligned with Word of Faith practice and belief (which I also didn’t figure out til my early twenties)… I have subsequently rejected most of the doctrines and practices I was taught growing up that find their origins in those specific strains of belief.

9/10/2016 (this is me listing the “labels” that best fit me) My theology and doctrine would be identified by most as very closely aligning with that of Reformed Baptists. I find it very difficult to remove a “Calvinistic” understanding from soteriology and still be Biblicaly God/Christ-centered. I am not a Cessationist. My ecclesiology is, in theory, pretty much driven by the example of the book of Acts – but is, in practice, almost identical to contemporary American forms of “doing church.” … Don’t ask about my eschatology, because those who have usually get kinda frustrated with me.

12/12/2017 (this is me adding my political affiliation) If you want to offend me on a political spectrum, call me a republican. If you want to prove you know nothing about me, associate me with the democrats. Actually I refuse to associate myself with either of America’s cesspools of political mob-bosses.


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