9 Keys to Listening Vs 8 Ways to Miscommunicate

In nearly three decades of watching and experiencing the mess that is human relations and/or communication, I have come to some strong conclusions. Some of those conclusions can be expressed simply by "9 Keys to Listening" in a positive spectrum - and in "8 Ways to Miscommunicate" in a satirical kind of negative spectrum. First… Continue reading 9 Keys to Listening Vs 8 Ways to Miscommunicate


My Husband Ruined my Favorite Devotional

{Guest Post by Mrs. J D White} Well, that is definitely a click bait title. (But let’s face it, this blog could use one of those, hey?) A more accurate title would be something like “my husband helped with the ruining of my ability to use the Bible as help-yourself self-help” (See why I went… Continue reading My Husband Ruined my Favorite Devotional


The Fact of God

I would propose to the reader this thesis: God is the fundamental definer of goodness. Expansion of the Thesis: in being the first cause and the prime mover of all creation, God has the absolute right to dictate what is good. Higher still, as the ultimate power; the only giver of life who exists outside… Continue reading The Fact of God



The Primary Claim and Assumption of ChristianityYou cannot get past the first sentence of the first book in the Bible without encountering the concept of monotheism: "In the beginning God..." (Genesis 1:1). However, there are those that would beg to differ - the Mormons, for example, would have us believe that "beginning" here is merely… Continue reading Monotheism

Fighting Heresy

Defining Deception: A Review

Every professing Christian in the U.S. should read this book. It is concise and easy to read - by far the quickest read I have ever found on the subject. Costi Hinn and Anthony G. Wood have done a fine job of objectively examining Bill Johnson's neck of the Word-Faith / NAR woods and condemning… Continue reading Defining Deception: A Review