Meditations on “The Little Drummer Boy”

For as long as I can remember, I have appreciated the old Christmas song "The Little Drummer Boy." Come they told me A new born King to see Our finest gifts we bring To lay before the King So to honor Him When we come Little baby I am a poor boy too I have… Continue reading Meditations on “The Little Drummer Boy”


An Additional Thought on the Office of Apostle

As I further considered the texts given in my last post, I realized that Acts 1:15-22 was the strongest Scriptural support/documentation of what an apostle is and what the criteria is for becoming one. Specifically in verses 21-22 of chapter one in the book of "the Acts of the Apostles" - Peter provides the following… Continue reading An Additional Thought on the Office of Apostle


The Office of Apostle

Thanks (I think/believe) to a lot of uneducated, fanciful interpretational methods that were produced by proto-Pentecostal movements there is a lot of confusion about the office of apostle among a majority of professing Christians in our day. And even within the more orthodox strains of the "charismatic" movement I have heard some odd explanations of… Continue reading The Office of Apostle

Scripture, The Intent of the Author

Who is the “Thief” in John 10:10?

Now most people who have heard anyone quote/paraphrase the first half of the verse - "the thief comes to steal, kill, and destroy." - know that most of those people they've heard quote it are intending the listener to understand the "thief" to be Satan. The problem with this assumption is that nowhere in the… Continue reading Who is the “Thief” in John 10:10?


Some Thought-Provoking Articles by Kevin DeYoung

I believe active, critical thought is an absolute necessity for a follower of Christ to practice while consuming any form of media. A Christian's worldview should effect not only how the view things, but what they choose to view. This last August (2017) Kevin DeYoung made some very important and accurate observations about American Christianity… Continue reading Some Thought-Provoking Articles by Kevin DeYoung