God’s Not Dead 2 – A Brief Review

There are very few movies that I come away from truly appreciating in its entirety: theme, message, presentation, and individual parts (that last bit is practically impossible for anyone to get from me)... but I have to say, "God's Not Dead 2" certainly did a far better job than many "Christian" movies of late. First,… Continue reading God’s Not Dead 2 – A Brief Review


Some Thought-Provoking Videos

I am, as I said in my last post, done talking about politics in America. However, I thought I'd share two things (one fairly brief, and the other almost an hour long) from two very thoughtful Christian leaders. The first is an interview with Rev. Albert Mohler: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=exvuCgWiIGk The other is a "Dividing Line" broadcast from… Continue reading Some Thought-Provoking Videos


News Flash, Trump Voters: Character DOES Matter

"As a traditional, Christian conservative, Donald Trump’s “hot-mic moment” from 2005 — in which he was caught in some serious “locker-room banter” making lewd comments about some females at the time, while also dropping a few not-so-nice words — should probably come as a shock to me. But it doesn’t — and frankly, I don’t care." ~ Addison Riddleberger… Continue reading News Flash, Trump Voters: Character DOES Matter