A Command to Love Yourself?

The Implications of Believing There’s a Command to Love Yourself

So I recently put "a command to love yourself" into a search engine to see what I'd get... I'm not sure why, but I was kinda surprised at the litany of stuff actually arguing for the idea. However, I shouldn't have been surprised, because the American Dream has always - in one way or another… Continue reading The Implications of Believing There’s a Command to Love Yourself

A Command to Love Yourself?

A Command to Love Yourself?

"You can't love others well until you love yourself." I've heard the phrase (or at least something like it) used as a starting point for a self-help message by a "preacher" on tv and seen it plastered on pictures online... The tv personality (and most of the professing Christians that I have heard/seen use the… Continue reading A Command to Love Yourself?


Some Thoughts on Fatherhood…

I read an article early this morning that got me thinking about something that I’ve kinda looked at off and on since finding out my wife and I were going to have a child. (this is the article: http://www.thegospelcoalition.org/article/do-christian-parents-flirt-with-the-idol-of-safety -- I found it very thought-provoking and would encourage anyone to take the time to read… Continue reading Some Thoughts on Fatherhood…


“War Room” & Satan

PART TWO Keeping along the lines of the Name of Jesus and the proper ways to address and relate to God, I'll now address the many "prayers," if you will, that were addressed to Satan in War Room. ...Yes, I did just say that prayers were offered to Satan in War Room - in fact,… Continue reading “War Room” & Satan


“War Room” & the Name of Jesus

PART ONE Let me start by saying that I have very much enjoyed many of the films the Kendrick brothers have produced in the past. I have appreciated their God glorifying emphasis and careful, balanced presentation of Biblical concepts and the Gospel (particularly in Fireproof). However, I must admit that the things I am addressing… Continue reading “War Room” & the Name of Jesus