Some Thoughts on Hebrews 2 & Psalm 8

I was reading Hebrews to my wife and daughter the other day when a section of chapter 2 jumped out at me… Before I get into that, though, I want to point out how easy it is to miss so much in Scripture when you don’t have at least a fair amount of portions of Scripture memorized (or at least concepts and summaries of those portions). I realized I’d done that with Hebrews when I read it that morning… There are so many quotations from the Old Testament used in explaining the gloriousness of who Jesus is. And I’m sure, from further reading, there is still so much more I’m missing from not recognizing so many of the other quotations permeating the book…

The reason I recognized the quote in chapter 2, is that I’d recently spent some time in Psalm 8 because I’d read several people using it as an argument for the ‘great value of mankind to God.’ I was somewhat repulsed from the man-centered emphasis of this concept of the “value” that we supposedly have as a basic ‘essence,’ so to speak. They mostly were arguing from Psalm 8:4-6, as if David’s thought was focused on some idea of God having done this for the human race because He so “valued” them…

The problem with this emphasis and/or interpretation of the Psalm is primarily that it ignores the entire thrust of the Psalm. And the second problem is that it ignores the interpretation of the author of Hebrews.

According to the interpretation of the author of Hebrews, the ultimate meaning of this section of the Psalm is a reference to the Lordship of the Son of Man, Jesus, the Messiah/Christ.

The wonder of what the Father has done for us in His Son, is the central theme of the beginning of Hebrews (if not the entire book). The humiliation of Christ is expounded upon in chapter 2, explaining that He did this so that He may better sympathize with and mediate for us through suffering…

And in the whole of the book the author gives quote after quote from sections of the “Scriptures” of his day (namely, the ‘Torah’ and whatever the Jews called the collections of the Prophets; in other words – our “Old Testament”), to prove the worth and glory and Lordship and priesthood of our great God and Savior, Jesus.

May we all learn to cherish every portion of the Scriptures that have been preserved for us, and seek the guidance of His Spirit in taking to heart the meaning of these precious words!


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