The Terribly Terrible Twos

Have you ever endured two-hour-straight, screaming-tantrums before bed; instantaneous responses of throw-myself-on-the-floor tantrums at random intervals in the morning; and incessant whining on a consistent daily basis for nearly six months? I have... and my wife has dealt with twice that - her being home all the time. You probably already guessed that I am… Continue reading The Terribly Terrible Twos


Happy Reformation Day

Today marks the 501st anniversary of Martin Luther's nailing his "95 Theses" to the Castle-Church door in Wittenberg. This morning on Family Radio I was able to listen to Renewing Your Mind from Ligonier Ministries. I thought the words of Dr. Sproul were thought-provoking and helpful, as well as those from the others on the… Continue reading Happy Reformation Day

God, Scripture

Ramifications of the Fact of God

In the post "The Fact of God" I strove to provide for the reader a basic outline of the Biblical doctrine of God's right to define "goodness." But what does God define as good? And what does His right mean for us as His creations? There are two general categories of God's actions that I… Continue reading Ramifications of the Fact of God


The Lies I Have Believed

Lie: that my words could actually control or effect the material/physical world around me. Lie: that I had to perform or "be good enough" for God to forgive me. Lie: that I deserved to be wealthy and/or have a life of "financial freedom." Lie: that I deserved to be healthy and happy. Lie: that I… Continue reading The Lies I Have Believed


Illustrations in Preaching & Critical Thinking

[Adam failed], he had a job to do; he was the priest of Eden; he was to care for his bride. He should've! Instead of eating that fruit he should have come to God and said: "God, my wife has failed; she has sinned." And God would have said: "Well, she must die." [Adam]: "Isn't… Continue reading Illustrations in Preaching & Critical Thinking