Praise God for the Reformation

Today is traditionally considered the anniversary of the beginning of the Reformation. It was on this day(October 31st) in 1517 a monk named Martin Luther nailed 95 Theses to the door of the church at Wittenberg; unknowingly starting a series of events that would lead to something far greater and more important than he could… Continue reading Praise God for the Reformation


The “Purity Culture” and Joshua Harris

NOTE: For those who might be interested in the catalyst for this post, you can listen to the 7/25/2019 program of the Generations broadcast with Kevin Swanson and/or the 8/1/2019 edition of The Briefing with Albert Mohler. Much wiser men than I who have been around a lot longer and watching the trajectory of American… Continue reading The “Purity Culture” and Joshua Harris

Book Reviews

“parenting with words of grace” by William P. Smith

{Book Review}I need this book more than I’d often like to admit. I’m a bad father a lot of the time — especially when the children have started screaming for the fourth time in an hour — and I’m a bad husband only a little less often. And most of the prime examples of where… Continue reading “parenting with words of grace” by William P. Smith

Fighting Heresy, Helpful Links

Flee False Teaching

[Edit: 10/16/2019 -- I've put together a page with a more extensive list of resources than are offered at the end of this post]I was raised in what might be considered the fuzzy edge of the Word of Faith movement and what I understand to be the somewhat more Biblical vestiges of Pentecostalism (I still… Continue reading Flee False Teaching


Abortion and the Movie Industry — Plus a Little Rant on “Entertainment”

Updated 6/5/2019 Some astute observations from Dr. Albert Mohler on The Briefing: Posted 6/3/2019 Most entertainment that comes in the form of visual media is trash. And most of that trash is produced by hypocrites who would love nothing more than to be able to rule the entire world and force every human… Continue reading Abortion and the Movie Industry — Plus a Little Rant on “Entertainment”